Display: 0.91-inch OLED display

Music Playback Application: ATC DSD Hi-Res music player

Audio Processor: Cirrus logic CS8422


Supported Formats: USB – PCM 16-32BIT/44.1- 384KHz, DSD64 – 256, DXD 24 – 32BIT/352.8 –  384KHz  Optical – PCM 16 – 24BIT/44.1 – 192KHz

Headphone Amplifier: OPA1612 + BUF634 x 2

Gain Control: +3/+6/+15dB

Bass Boost: 0/+6dB

USB-OTG Storage Support: USB2.0 OTG – compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Andriod

Output: Headphone output (6.5mm stereo jack) x 1

Maximum Headphone Output: 500mW (32 ohm loading)

Output: S / N 112dB

Distortion: 0.0025% (1KHz)

Frequency Response:
USB/SPDIF: 20Hz-20KHz (±0.5dB)
Amp: 10Hz – 100KHz (±0.5dB)

Sound Effects

PCM digital filters
– Sharp roll-off filter
– Slow roll-off filter
– Short delay sharp roll-off filter
– Short delay slow roll-off filter
DSD digital filters
– Reserved cut-off filter
– 50K cut-off filter
– 150K cut-off filter

Battery Capacity:  3.7V/40000mAh rechargable Li-polymer battery

Battery Charging Time: About 5 hours by adapter

Battery Life:  >11H (USB in), >16H (SPDIF in), >23H (AUX in)
Dependent on the environment and use

Power Sources for Charging:  AC/DC adapter, PC/Mac USB connection, third party mobile power bank

Supported OS:  Win 7, Vista, Win XP, Win 8, Mac OS X, IOS, Andriod system

Dimensions Width:  75mm x Height: 139.5mm x Depth: 23mm

Weight:  270g

Accessories:  USB cable x 2, silicone band x 2, rubber feet x 4, CD x 1, user manual x 1

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This HDA-P1 DAC Headphone Amplifier delivers a clear and insightful sound. AKM AK4490 performs a well decoding circuitry for different audio format files. P1 can form a compact high power and dynamic sound level headphone amplifier with DAC. It lets the consumer who simply wants to upgrade their system by using a single portable product. It’s safe to say P1 already have a certain level quality for you to expect under this affordable price.

“Offering an array of useful features this solidly built and practically designed device provides superb sound quality for the price, maximising its design spec and providing brilliant value for money. Despite its digital sourcing, the ATC never forgets that human beings are behind the music, giving you a engaging performance at all times.” – Paul Rigb



The CS8422 is a 24-bit, high performance, stereo asynchronous sample-rate converter with an integrated digital audio interface receiver that supports AES3 and S/PDIF interface standards.
Cirrus Logic

AK4490 Premium DAC. The AK4490EQ chipset is a new generation of premium 32-bit DAC. Incorporating 2-channels of AKM’s VELVET SOUND™ that has been widely adopted by well-established high-end audio companies. This technology realises fine sound details with its low-distortion characteristics in addition to 32-bit digital filter processing.

An XS1 combines a number of XCore processors, each with its own memory, on a single chip. The programmable processors are general purpose in the sense that they can execute languages such as C; they also have direct support for concurrent processing (multi-threading), communication and input-output.