Dual Port Car Charger with Lighting Cable


Main Features:

  • An economy package
  • Works with most portable devices
  • Dual USB ports (2.4A Total) for simultaneous charging
  • Safe charging
  • Including 1m Apple MFi certificated Lightning cable
  • Color: Black

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Something more than driving

In the 21st century, your car should be well equipped on the road, ATC AE-07003 USB Dual Ports Car Charger offers you something more than driving. This car charger package includes a Lightning cable for iPhone and related devices. Besides a port with Lightning cable for Apple product, we take care the micro USB user by providing anther normal USB ports for the user to charge any other mobile or other devices under an enough power.

Although the size is small, it has a well circuit protection, such as temperature and current protection etc.

There are 2 USB ports
Including 1m Apple Lightning cable. 

Therefore, you are no need to buy lighting cable to put into the Car,
Also, you can charge different devices on the same time!


1.9 x 1 x 0.9 inches


0.42 ounces

Kindly remind!

You need to check you GPS, car camera before you buy “any” car charger. If your GPS and Car camera need more current (A), but the car charger can’t supply, the over current protection will be switch on. So, please keep this in mind before you buy car charger. Thanks!

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