3350mAh Mini Black Portable Charger


Main Features:

  • 3350mAH LG Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Sleek and Easy to carry
  • Safe charging
  • LED indicator
  • Color: black

#REMARK, this product is only available in H.K.

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Fulfilling your daily “mobile” needs

ATC AP-10003BL Power Bank offers a fancy way of charging your electronic devices all day long. This power bank is designed for those who wants to have a small size portable power bank for daily usage and would like to have more beautiful colors, not just a traditional black color.

Although the size is small, it has a well circuit protection, such as temperature and current protection etc.

Slim and Easy to carry

The ATC AP-10003BL Power Bank uses the 3350mAh Korea LG Lithium Polymer Battery.
This is smaller than a credit card and very fit for pocket and bag.

Battery Power

Smartphone – Charge at least 1 times
Mini- Tablet – Charge at least 0.5 times

The portable charger do not have a lot battery capacity. But it is able to have one fully charge on smartphone. This could help when you need to go out.

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